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Laurent Liefooghe Architectuur - BORDER SQUARE 01

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Story about a subversive monument / short story – graphics / 2004

Published in AS and in the journal of the Romanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, 2007

'The initial idea for the square was surprisingly simple. The New York Times headline on January 10th 2019 described it as follows: ‘Europe brings its borders to its centre’. In the hearth of European politics (the EU neighbourhood in Brussels) a square was created, which was itself no longer part of the European Union. This is how the limits of this territory automatically became the new borders of Europe. To achieve this, the square was expelled from the European legal space at the very moment of its realisation. In practice this meant that the European parliament ratified a law that declared the zone ‘as not being subjected to European laws’. Thus the square became a sort of “juridical no-man’s-land” that at first sight seemed to be the materialisation of Europe’s outside; a sort of inverted façade.'