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Laurent Liefooghe Architectuur - ROOM WITH A VIEW

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Installation in a private apartment on the 25th floor / 2005
In collaboration with Lieven de Boeck

In Room with a view, a public is invited to a private apartment on the 25th floor. Expecting a spectacular view, the visitors find that the windows have instead been painted over with white acrylic completly turning the space onto itself.
The livingroom is divided into squares of 70 cm by 70 cm with wires hanging 20 cm above the floor. This grid obstructs every movement through the space and at the same time gives a new order to it, an order that defines a different (non domestic) organization of the furniture. On the table the whole setting is reproduced as a model on a scale of 1/10 in blue foam and can be used as a game board. Every object on the board and the corresponding object in the room is labeled with a number. By throwing the dice, one player / visitor indicates an object on the board. A second player / visitor must then move that object on the game board and then move the corresponding furniture through the apartment. The whole moving act obliges the rest of the public to move aside, confronting them with the grid, the furniture and the rest of the public. During the performance the two artists started playing the game but very soon the public took over. With real pleasure they threw the dice and moved the furniture around, obliging themselves and the other spectators to move through the obstructed space. The result was a sort of self-generating choreography of obstructed and obstructive movements.

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