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Laurent Liefooghe Architectuur - TSUNAMI MONUMENT

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Monument for the victims of the tsunami / Architectural Competition / 2006
The tsunami monument proposes a path that crosses two outdoor rooms. Arriving on the site, after a short walk the visitors take a rest in the first room, a square that is cut out of the surrounding forest (20 by 20 meters) and outlined by trees. The square consists of a concrete surface that is cast in such a way that it takes on the topography of the landscape, like a solid blanket that is spread over the rocks. Because of the sloping inclination of the site, the visitors can easily sit down. One side of the square opens partly onto the water, giving them a view of the second room.  When visitors move on they reach a small port to the north where they can take a boat that brings them to the second room, a square void in the water of 20 by 20 meters and 5 meters deep. The walls of the room are of rusted steal that change in color and texture through oxidation. The walls are in contrast with an immaculate mirroring floor that almost gives the visitors the feeling of walking on the sky. Chairs are scattered over the room giving visitors the possibility to sit where they chose.

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